Q: Why should my child play high school football?

A: In addition to supportive friendships, caring coaches and vigorous physical activity, high school football teaches life lessons that will benefit students for the rest of their lives. From leadership, discipline and teamwork to perseverance, accountability and empathy, there’s no greater game to develop your child’s character and prepare them for the game of life than high school football.

Q: Will my child be protected playing tackle football?

A: There have been significant measures put in place across high school football programs that work to keep students protected and healthy. These measures include yearly health and safety training for coaches, coaching certifications to teach proper technique around tackling and game play, enforcement of standard game rules and penalties, and keeping informed of new advancements in safety gear and protocols.

Q: Will this affect my child’s academic success?

A: Yes … in a positive way! Studies show students who participate in high school sports have greater academic success than non-athletes, including higher GPAs, higher test scores, higher graduation rates and higher academic aspirations. Those students also learn skills on the playing field that benefit them in the classroom, from time management and problem-solving to communication and focus.

Q: How much playing time will my child get?

A: A ton! Football is different than most high school sports because it gives your child more chances to play. Football teams need 11 players on the field at one time. Plus, between all the “teams” within the team—offense, defense, kickoff, kickoff return, punt, punt return, field goal, field goal block—there are 88 opportunities for your child to participate in a game! So, whether your child is in the starting lineup, on the practice team or somewhere in between, they will be just as valuable as any other player because they will be contributing to the team’s success. And the lessons they’ll learn will benefit them for the rest of their lives, and that’s time well spent!


Q: Do I have to be super big or strong?

A: No! High school football is open to everyone, regardless of size, weight or skill level. Football teams need a variety of players for a variety of positions. Each player performs a unique role that is equally valuable to the team. As long as you are dedicated, work hard and take pride in your school, there is a spot for you on the football team.

Q: What if I don’t make the team?

A: The overwhelming majority of high school football teams don’t make cuts. Football teams have more players than any other team sport in high school, which means there are more opportunities for you to play. Everyone has a role on the team. Every player is valuable and contributes to the team’s success. And that includes you! Don’t miss out because there’s a jersey waiting for you.

Q: Do I need experience playing organized football?

A: No, your coaches will teach you everything you need to know to play high school football! In fact, many students’ first experience playing football is in high school. The vast majority of high school football teams don’t make cuts, which means the program is accessible to anyone who wants to join the team, no matter how long they’ve played football.

Q: What kind of time commitment does football require?

A: A big one … but you’re going to love it! High school football requires dedication, sacrifice and hard work. But there’s more to it than that. You’ll make friends you will have for the rest of your life. You’ll make memories you will treasure forever. You’ll feel like you belong. The time you spend practicing after school and playing games is a commitment to your coaches and teammates … to your school … and, most importantly, to yourself. And time you spend on yourself is time never wasted.

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