This is what high school football is all about

Thank you for helping us celebrate National Football Sign-Up Month!

When students play high school football, they become family.

There’s no greater game to teach the power of teamwork than high school football.

What are four of the most powerful words a student can hear? “I believe in you.”

What do you find in the high school football locker room? Diversity. Inclusion. Representation. Players of every background working together as one team.

What will boost your teen’s confidence? Offer mentors who believe in them? Make them feel like they belong? High school football!

There’s nothing better than playing under the Friday night lights. That’s why high school football players spend months preparing for a handful of games: Running drills. Lifting weights. Practicing plays. And staying focused through it all.

Attention to detail is key to every part of playing high school football, from running routes and tackling techniques to watching game film and learning plays.

Did you know high school football is a total body workout? It’s true!

Every high school football player matters. Every position has a valuable role to play. Every person contributes to the team’s success. That’s because in high school football, every single play relies on every single player.

What sport has more players than any other team sport? More opportunities to play? More chances to contribute to the team’s success? High school football!

Life is unpredictable. Every day brings new challenges to tackle. But high school football provides structure. It offers stability. It creates consistency. It’s where teens thrive.

With 11 players on the field at a time, high school football is the definition of a “team sport.”

The ball is snapped. The QB hands it off. And every player on the field must make big decisions within a split second.

High school football coaches teach. They encourage. They inspire. That’s because high school football coaches are educators first.

High school football players don’t give up. They keep going.

What is a friend? It’s someone you can count on. Someone who’s lifted you up. Someone who knows who you really are.

Over the last 10 years, participation in high school football has declined by about 10%. To address this, the NFHS has partnered with the NFL to promote the lasting benefits that high school football has on students for the rest of their lives.