Confidence is built on the high school football team

What will boost your teen’s confidence? Offer mentors who believe in them? Make them feel like they belong? High school football!

On the football field, confidence is built with every skill sharpened … every goal achieved … and every challenge overcome. Players have the opportunity to grow as leaders and teammates. They develop a strong sense of belonging and purpose. And having coaches who believe in them helps them believe in themselves.

The result? Players feel empowered. They feel valued. They feel validated. They feel seen and heard. At an age when teens never question themselves more, playing high school football builds unshakable self-esteem.

Best of all, that same bold confidence carries over to all parts of a player’s life, giving them the reassurance that they can handle any challenge that comes their way.

Talk to the students in your family about participating in football! This is where confidence is crafted. This is high school football.

Football moms wear a lot of hats:

Why do we love high school football? Because there’s so much to celebrate about it:

Where do you find players from many different backgrounds ALL working together towards a common goal?