This is National High School Colors Week!

National High School Colors Week is still going strong!

Now through September 24, don’t forget to:

  • Post a photo of yourself repping your high school’s colors with the hashtag #ThisIsHSFootball
  • Shoutout the high school football team that made you
  • Cheer on your team September 22 under the Friday Night Lights

This is being proud of where you came from. This is honoring the ones who helped you get where you are today. THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!

Talk to your high school’s athletic director or football coach about your student joining the team. #ThisIsHSFootball

This is what it's all about!

Celebrating football moms on Mother’s Day and every day!

High school football teaches so much more than Xs and Os.

Why is football one of the most inclusive high school sports?