High school football is the ultimate team sport

With 11 players on the field at a time, high school football is the definition of a “team sport.”

Teammates must know the specific role they each play. They must work together toward a common goal. They must rely on each other to accomplish together what cannot be done alone.

It’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s about putting the team first. It’s about WE, not me. This is being humble. This is being selfless. This is being a team player.

High school football is the ultimate team sport because it takes 11 players on the field and turns them into one cohesive unit, ONE team. And it influences the kind of teammates they’ll be for the rest of their lives.

Talk to the teens in your family about joining their school’s football team! This is where eleven become ONE. This is high school football.

Football moms wear a lot of hats:

Why do we love high school football? Because there’s so much to celebrate about it:

Where do you find players from many different backgrounds ALL working together towards a common goal?