Celebrate National High School Colors Day September 23!

In honor of National High School Colors Day, let’s celebrate high school football and the teams that made us!

Maybe you’re a current player who is experiencing your love for the game for the first time. Perhaps you’re a retired coach who still attends every home game. Or maybe your football career has extended into college or even the NFL.

Regardless of who you are or how long you’ve been a part of the game, share your story. Share your school spirit. Share your PRIDE!

Post a photo on social media sporting your high school’s colors and tell us what high school football has meant to you using #ThisIsHSFootball.

Talk to your student about participating in football! This is PRIDE. This is high school football.

This is what it's all about!

Celebrating football moms on Mother’s Day and every day!

High school football teaches so much more than Xs and Os.

Why is football one of the most inclusive high school sports?