Little things make big things happen

Attention to detail is key to every part of playing high school football, from running routes and tackling techniques to watching game film and learning plays.

That’s because high school football is a game of inches … a game of seconds … a game of Xs and Os.

Every little detail counts. Every snap. Every tackle. Every pass. Every play. Every moment must be executed perfectly. Because when games are decided by inches, then success lies in the details.

And when players learn to pay attention to the details on the field, they learn to do the same off the field too.

Talk to the students in your family about participating in football! This is where details make the difference. This is high school football.

Football moms wear a lot of hats:

Why do we love high school football? Because there’s so much to celebrate about it:

Where do you find players from many different backgrounds ALL working together towards a common goal?