High school football is about more than physical strength

High school football strengthens players in countless ways.

They’re physically stronger from digging deep and pushing past their limits. They’re mentally stronger from having the stability and structure of a routine in their lives. They’re emotionally stronger from feeling supported by their teammates and coaches.

Player protection has also never been stronger with the NFHS leading this charge for over a decade now—writing new rules and educating coaches on proper tackling skills and techniques to ensure player protection is every team’s number one priority.

This is what TRUE strength looks like.

Talk to your high school’s athletic director or football coach about how your student can sign up to play.

This is what it's all about!

National High School Colors Week is still going strong!

Something exciting kicks off Monday, September 18: National High School Colors Week!

El mes nacional de la herencia hispana es desde el 15 de septiembre al 15 de octubre.