High school football players achieve greatness as students and athletes

Learning doesn’t end just because the school day is over. For high school football players, their education only continues in the weight room, at practice and under the Friday night lights.

That’s because education-based athletics like high school football are an integral part of a student’s growth and development—teaching life lessons, emphasizing teamwork and fostering a sense of community.

High school football players study the textbook AND the playbook. They ace tests in the classroom AND on the field. They achieve as a student AND as an athlete.

Balancing both … thriving in both … excelling in both—this is GREATNESS for a high school football player.

Talk to your high school’s athletic director or football coach about how your student can sign up to play.

Why do we love high school football? Because there’s so much to celebrate about it:

Where do you find players from many different backgrounds ALL working together towards a common goal?

In honor of National High School Colors Day, let’s celebrate high school football and the teams that made us!