Football is a game for ALL!

When you think about football players, what images come to mind? Thanks to flag football, barrier-breaking girls should be one of them.

Gone are the days where football is a game that only half of the population plays. Why let the boys have all the fun? Experience all the growth and mentorship? Learn all the invaluable lessons that will impact them for the rest of their lives?

Football is an INCLUSIVE sport—especially Girls Flag! No matter your background, your size or your skill level, ALL girls can play. ALL girls can thrive. ALL girls belong.

Thanks to flag football, strong girls get EVEN STRONGER. Bold girls get EVEN BOLDER. Driven girls get EVEN MORE DRIVE. They blaze EVEN MORE TRAILS, break EVEN MORE GROUND and inspire EVEN MORE GENERATIONS of girls to come.

Girls Flag Football is growing, and no glass ceiling will stop it. With no barriers to access, football is truly a game for ALL!

What does Girls Flag Football mean to you and future generations of girls? Share stories and photos on social media using the hashtag #ThisIsHSFootball!

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