High school football is family

When students play high school football, they become family.

They have teammates they love like siblings. They have coaches who deeply care about them. And they make memories that will last a lifetime.

From lifelong friends to influential mentors to support they can always rely on, high school football is about so much more than Xs and Os.

At a time in life when students need it most, high school football gives them a sense of belonging and a family they can turn to long after hanging up their jerseys.

Talk to your high school’s athletic director or football coach about how your student can sign up to play. This is National Football Sign-Up Month! This is high school football.

Where do students learn to play with integrity? Perform at their best? Lead by example?

When high school football players look around, what do they see?

What’s one of the best things about education-based athletics like high school football?