Successful teams have dependable teammates

Every high school football player matters. Every position has a valuable role to play. Every person contributes to the team’s success. That’s because in high school football, every single play relies on every single player.

From offense and defense to the scout team and special teams, every player has a purpose and an assignment to complete. And when they do their job right, each of their teammates can too.

When a defensive lineman fills a gap, a linebacker can make a tackle. When a left tackle seals a block, a running back can pick up a first down. When a tight end chips a rushing player, the quarterback has time to make a pass.

It’s not about being the best ON the team. It’s about being the best FOR the team. Because the team only reaches its full potential when every player does too.

Talk to the students in your family about participating in football! This is where the best TEAM wins. This is high school football.

Football moms wear a lot of hats:

Why do we love high school football? Because there’s so much to celebrate about it:

Where do you find players from many different backgrounds ALL working together towards a common goal?