Get ready for National High School Colors Week!

Don’t miss National High School Colors Week, September 18–24!

We’re asking football fans, players and coaches from all levels of the sport (past and present) to wear their high school colors proudly and celebrate the game we love!

All week, you can join in on the fun by posting a photo of yourself on social media sporting your high school’s colors and sharing what you love most about high school football. Be sure to use the hashtag #ThisIsHSFootball!

And don’t forget to cheer on your team September 22 under the Friday night lights!

Talk to your high school’s athletic director or football coach about your student joining the team. #ThisIsHSFootball

This is what it's all about!

Celebrating football moms on Mother’s Day and every day!

High school football teaches so much more than Xs and Os.

Why is football one of the most inclusive high school sports?